We Are All Heros

I am one of these clumsy people you laugh at when we drop a phone, cause a catastrophe on a dinner table or break the glass of a squash court. And on behalf of the clumsy people i would like to announce that we enjoy being clumsy, and we laugh at ourselves and that our most enjoyable scene is another clumsy person in action.

So if you can imagine someone who can get himself hurt in a pingpong game, imagine what would have happened to him in the middle of the protests. Yes! i got my self hurt a few times during the protests: mainly once shot in the leg with pellets and lost a tooth from a stone in the camel attack extravaganza.

But as the days went by, I noticed something. Some people really thought I was a hero. Just because I was injured. The time I got shot at with pellets, my good friend Muhammed Quessny (Moe) was right beside me standing a mere few cm away. I got 8 pellets and he got non. Even though we were in the same place under the same circumstances taking the same exact risks, but somehow I ended up more of a hero than him, just because of an incident that I had no choice in whether or not it happens. I went out to the protests with a big group of friends, and all our decisions were the same, but mine were given more credit!

This thought has been tickling me since then. I have to admit that I enjoyed some of the attention it brought and was flattered to be seen by some people as a hero. However, I joke about it and make fun of it because I don’t perceive my self as a hero, as I was there and I saw how many people were beside me then, and that I did nothing more than a lot of the protesters.

Of course its natural to feel sorry for someone else since in your eyes he suffered – whether they actually did or not – but it was still a very interesting situation I found myself in. Don’t expect that I analysed the situation and gathered statistics to prove a point or anything similar. I simply found my self in this situation, and was eager to express this confusion.

I guess people create heros, mainly because we are grateful and we need them. Some times they are true heroes and deserve the credit, but other times people put more weight to the obvious catchy details -like getting shot or loosing a tooth, which again is very natural to happen. But in the process we give our respect to the wrong person, other people took more risks than me and contributed much more, but simply didn’t get the same credit just because a bullet or a stone hit me and not them.

As you see there is no solid point from this post, no lessons learned and nothing too interesting to be honest. Just a situation that happened to me and got me thinking and i get to use the fact that my friend Tarek already pays the hosting space of my website! The lesson that I learnt at least is not to give someone more credit and another less of a credit because of incidents they didn’t chose. And give the same credit to people that took the same risks although the outcome of their decision was different. And that probably many heroes in our history were glorified more than they deserve also because of incidents they didn’t choose rather than the choices they made.

That leaves us with two choices. Its either we are all heroes or only some people are. That could be because they’ve put more effort, took more risks than everybody else, or that their life was lost or will suffer by their injuries. My choice is that we are all heroes, every single person that contributed and is still contributing to the revolution is a hero, because it was these combined efforts that created the revolution. However, some heroes deserve more credit, not because of the outside factors that affected them, but rather the contribution they made, risks they took and for the values they fight for.

One thought on “We Are All Heros

  1. love it… it has a lot of depth and is so positive…it just leaves you feeling good :)
    Also written in a very nice style …impressed

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