Want to know what lead to this revolution?

Throughout the revolution and post revolution phase we were all busy. Whether you were busy with inhaling tear gas, overthrowing dictators, criticizing the revolution or trying to rebuild Egypt these are very busy times. Between all this we need to remember to take a step back and see the context and the society that was the result of a tyrant state of 60 years.

Adam Curtis (my personal favorite documentary maker) made a blog post recommending a documentary called “Why Was Cairo Calm?” made in 1982. The documentary is about our political, social and economic situation then and how the Arab leaders became disconnected from their people which later lead to discontent which lead to the 1977 riots and later to the 2011 revolutions. This is documentary has vital information that gives us background and a historical aspect to what we are living today and how did we reach the point we are in.

These 40 mins will give you valuable information that we are in desperate need for now. This will remind us that we have a lot of work to undo these long oppressive years.

Watch the documentary here

Also another 14 min report was quite insightful. Watch it here

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