When a 7-Month-Old is a Threat to a Nation

My sister has two beautiful children, Dida (6 years old) and Som3a (7 months old). When the family was applying for visas to Germany to go on a family trip, the embassy thought Ismail, with his suspicious past could be a threat to the security of the states. Or maybe they thought he would stay and steal their jobs. So he was refused the visa and asked to bring more documents, probably also to prove that he was not been trained in Afghanistan.

Totally understanding why they think he’s a threat

This post is about racism, imperialism and plain good-old assholism. This is about the visa process. Lets start this journey with the image of the British and Spanish empire mass murdering Native Americans and live in their land as if its their own. Heres some packing advice if you are planning to do something similar: Take a Flag and a few Guns. Directions: Get a flag, go somewhere with no flag, and claim the flagless country as your own. A gun would help convincing natives you are serious. And if they are being really stubborn and not willing to cooperate isolate them until they starve and surrender, then kill some of them so the rest wont resist or simply give them contaminated blankets as a gift.

Isn’t that the same story that happened countlessly throughout history? Historically, we found European empires such as Britain, Spain, Portugal, France and others travelling to different parts of earth waving their flags pulling their guns onto people and stealing their resources. Isn’t that just how most rich countries now established their wealth? Back then there were no embassies, and no visas needed to travel from one place to another, it was all the peoples land and you roam the earth as you please. I don’t think I heard the story of Ibn Battuta getting rejected for a visa application because he forgot to photocopy his health insurance!

Funnily enough the bandits that robbed the world and claimed being civilized (and they still continue in doing so) woke up one day to find unwanted people on their land, Who gave those people ze right to come here?

2 thoughts on “When a 7-Month-Old is a Threat to a Nation

  1. We can easily write 10 volumes of all the stupid messed up situations we face in those offices! 2 stories from me

    1- was lining up to get a UK visa ( which i believe is the easiest most straightforward one of them all); anyhow my mum and I were standing behind another woman and we were all revising and checking our papers and answers for 100th time before we went into the embassy. so the lady turns to us and said “we r frightened and we’ve done nothing wrong, what happens then on the day of judgement?” well easy .. God has all the papers ready for you .. you just need to listen and no photocopies needed ;)

    2- what’s worse than the humiliation of getting a visa is when you have to explain to those who dont know what a visa is that you need “permission” to travel. i Live in the UK and my work requires me to travel around Europe. and it’s always a story when i miss a meeting due to visa issues and timings .. oh my Lord! for them i should get some gold stars to relive some of my pains in the day of judgement ( in reference to point#1)

  2. Unfortunately I can only agree with you, Ali. Embassies have become the arena for showing off colonial superpower in “modern” societies and the people working there can best be described as frickin INSANE (maybe not all, if you work in an embassy and are normal and well balanced, please don’t take offense). What makes it worse though is the fact that they even embarrass us normal, well-meaning individuals that (without any effort on our part) have been born with one of the blessed passports. Every single time I went to the German embassy in Cairo I seriously considered wearing niqab cause it’s just so ridiculously awkward to see how they love applying their double standards. Like this one time when I was standing in the queue behind an Egyptian guy (that’s at the porter’s cabin, not even inside the embassy) who wanted to issue a birth certificate for his son born to a German woman. After he got barked at by the porter (an Egyptian btw!) so I (standing behind him) could pass and be served first, I turned around and apologized to him for my country when the poor guy, totally resigned, waved his passport, that he didn’t even get to show the porter. He had a GERMAN passport – but apparently not the right skin color.

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