The Nabta Nation

I have been working on an initiative with a group of friends and development enthusiast where we all see a problem with our ways of dealing with our problems. We believe civil society is very far from its potential, and we aim to tie up civil society together and question the current development model and try out new ones. This is the second post about Nabta, a few months ago I wrote a post to introduce the idea and I have received some very good questions in replies to the post and I will try to address these questions and concerns here.

Basically Nabta is a medium where individuals come together virtually and physically to improve the well-being of society. Maybe we can sum it up that we aim to:

  • Include more people in the development process
  • Connect opportunities with opportunity seekers
  • Challenge the main-stream conventional community development methodology
  • Bring development to people rather than people to development

Are you networking ideas or implementing them? Are you facilitating or analyzing?

In a way we aim to do all of the above, we tend to connect people and ideas together, and as mentioned above to connect opportunities to opportunity seekers. Opportunities like what? Volunteer opportunity, job opportunity in civil society, funding opportunity an opportunity to learn something new about development anything related.

At the same time, we aim to implement development initiatives. Nabta will be a testing ground for new ideas, the Nabta community have some ideas we want to try out, and we will get more ideas that we will want to implement. We will try to connect with as many like-minded people and initiatives, to do things collectively.

In other cases we will analyze. Like for example some volunteers will try to analyze how NGOs could reach financial sustainability and what are the models existing now and analyze them. Then we could facilitate a workshop between NGOs implementing a model for sustainability and create a medium for them to develop it further.

Do I have to have experience to join Nabta? Is it only for people that worked in development so long and got fed up with how it works?

No. Nabta serves everyone who wants to get involved in the development world and civil society in general. But it might be more interesting for people who haven’t had been exposed too much with development but thinks differently about it, or been involved in development and see a new direction to set. Or at least complain enough about the existing models and want to explore different models.

Nabta doesn’t claim that all civil society entities are stupid or corrupt, but we believe that the there is something wrong with the framework we work in. and that acknowledging this is the first step towards a stronger civil society.

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