Meya Silmeya

A group of friends came together and started an initiative to compile different ways to protest and apply pressure non-violently. The idea behind it is to have a space where people suggest different ideas and look for inspiration for more ideas to take place in Tahrir and all Tahrir squares in Egypt. We need to apply pressure everywhere and in every way.

So go on the facebook page and follow them on twitter if you want to suggest something or you want to take an idea and make it happen.

Here’s the info provided on the facebook page 

Why: Sustaining our revolutions’ dynamic momentum through active peaceful protesting #meyasilmeya

What: Collect and radiate inspiring mechanisms for peaceful protesting

How it works (on a daily basis):

1-continuously send your peaceful protesting ideas to @meyasilmeya

2-12pm: we send out a list with your ideas > Vote in your suggestions till 6pm

3-6pm: peaceful protest announcement of the day > mobilize and prepare for next day using #meyasilmeya (adding your governorates’ #)

The Goal is to get at least 100 people to protest uniformly in peace

ما هي : مبادرة للحفاظ على روح الثورة من خلال الاحتجاج السلمى

الهدف : جمع ونشر طرق ابداعية لآليات التظاهر السلمى

آليات يومية:

1- ارسل أفكارك للتظاهر السلمى لـ @meyasilmeya

2- الساعة 12 مساء سوف نرسل قائمة أفكاركم لتقوموا بالتصويت حتى 6 مساء

3- الساعة 6 مساء سوف نعلن *فكرة اليوم* للتظاهر السلمى و الاستعداد لتفعيلها فى اليوم التالى باستخدام هاش تاج

#meyasilmeya مع إضافة هاش تاج كل محافظة

الهدف هوالنجاح فى جمع على الأقل 100 شخص للتظاهر السلمى

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