Connecting Civil Society

I am working with a friend to start this initiative. Many of us realized the need to it and many people are working on the same idea with different approaches, which is great so we could have many solutions.

So what is the idea, and what approaches am I talking about?

It comes from the need to connect different members/entities of civil society with each other. Volunteers should be aware of the volunteer opportunities, events, campaigns or anything related to their field of interest. At the same time NGOs would be connected to the call for proposals made by different donors. And NGOs could reach consultants and trainers they need for their projects. And of course Donors can have a bigger reach for their call for proposals, and consultants can advertise their services.

Another aspect is resources regarding tools for NGOs and also the current situation in Egypt for certain areas is missing. For example if someone is working on a project on environmental heritage then there is a space for these resources to be found for free. We need to compile resources that could be used for volunteers, researchers, NGOs, donors and consultants, and anyone working on the development of Egypt.

There are more to the project, but this is the idea shortly. I have heard and met similar ideas and approaches to fix the problem of connectivity between civil society and linking individuals and entities that aim to develop Egypt. whether its people wanting to connect between individuals wanting to start a new initiative, or a website to connect NGOs together, or a physical platform for NGOs/Donors/Volunteers to meet. and many other, and what we (people working on a similar idea) should do soon is meet together. This will allow us to get an idea of what other like-minded people thought of, how we can cooperate and how we can build up on each other efforts so we can have an interconnected Egyptian civil society.

So if you are working on something similar contact me and if you know someone working on something similar pass him this page or link us together somehow. If you think you could help somehow or know someone that could offer their help also get in touch with me. This will eventually turn into a volunteer based project, since its for us, the people involved in civil society, it should be developed and managed by us. If you want to be updated about our development and latest news email me.

I’ll compile a list for the people who contacted me, then i’ll send an email to suggest meeting times and place.

Looking forward for this!



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