Are we part of the revolution or the counter revolution?

While we are too absorbed with our daily lives with its challenges and its good times, we tend to block some thoughts from consuming our mind. There is something disturbing in the fact that we wake up in the morning, go to work normally while people have just lost their lives. But this post won’t go around in existential questions and try to answer questions like way are we here or anything of this sort. But it merely is a reminder. A reminder of important questions we all need to answer, and then ask it again every once and a while. A reminder that we are living a battle, and our efforts and actions sets the moves for this chess game, but which pawn are we moving?

We all agree that we live in an unbalanced system, we have all the resources we need to make everyone live justly. But we tend to abuse these resources, and then distribute it unfairly. So we are stealing resources from the less privileged and also our grandchildren that will live on this earth long after we are gone. We Live in systems of oppression where the tools that we created to protect us is now tools that oppress us. The people that should lead our countries are mass murdering the same people they should lead.

In the midst of all that the revolutionaries are paying the price for a better tomorrow. They are losing their lives, they are losing their eyes, they are sacrificing their most precious for indispensable values. But the question still remains are we supporting them or are we making their struggle harder?

Sadly we live in a system that rewards the oppressor and punishes the revolutionary. And I am not just talking about the fact that the police are taking 100% raises to their salaries and the protester is risking their life for peacefully demanding basic human rights. Beside releasing ‘gada3 ya basha’ and denying Alaa to see the birth of his son, putting Mubarak and his crew in a civil court (with no verdict yet) and justice never reaching the people who were involved in mass murdering Egyptians and on the other side actively engaged civilians are being put in military prison and in military courts.

I am not talking about the things that are not directly connected to us, I am talking about the impact we create from our daily routines, lifestyle and actions. When an individual joins a protest and miss work they lose a part of their salary, they are criticized that their work is not finished although they are fighting a bigger struggle, a struggle for humanity, for dignity!

When you wake up in the morning and go to work, is what you do at work support the revolution or the counter revolution?

This might sound too radical for some. But it’s time to be radical, it’s time to object. And with every crime that happens and we don’t object we pave the road for the next crime. Our silence in the past is the reason for todays misery, our apathy today will murder a soul tomorrow!

I am not asking everyone to have the willingness to sacrifice their life for freedom. Or to join each and every protest that happens. But at least to sacrifice what you are willing to sacrifice for freedom. Sacrifice money from your paid job to hit the street, sacrifice effort by printing the truth and distributing it, by engaging with people on the street in conversations, by showing people on the street the videos that doesn’t reach them, by putting together facts and spreading them…. There are countless ways. If it’s important for you, you’ll find a way. If it isn’t, you’ll find an excuse.

“You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You don’t have to know about Plato and Aristotle to serve. You don’t have to know Einstein’s theory of relativity to serve. You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear employees, don’t just give all your efforts to the company, your revolution needs you. Dear employer, don’t punish the person who is creating a better world for your children. This revolution happened because of our collective efforts and we will not win our country back until each and every person who is good at something to put it somehow to service the revolution. This is a call to stop putting all your time and effort for the services of the company you work with or selling a product or providing a service. And start putting it in drawing our new country.

Don’t dilute the effect of the people who are struggling for a more just country by living life as if nothing is happening: wake up, go to work, meet friends and maybe talk a bit on politics then go home watch some footage of violence and feel sorry for them, then go to sleep and repeat.

With every day that passes without objection is a vote to oppression. Not objecting means you agree, living life normally means you think it’s normal for what has happened. It is simple. If people had objected with every time someone harassed a girl on the street, harassment would have stopped long time ago. But no, people didn’t object when it happened and it became ‘normal’ and it became harder to change, it became a bigger problem.

The least you can do when you find someone yelling at the person who grabs a girl on the street is to yell with him, to support him. Or yell at the person who is objecting if you think people should grab girls on the street. Or stay silent if you think it’s normal.

Remember that normalization of life while people are struggling for your rights and losing their lives is inhuman and is in itself counter revolutionary. It is not ‘normal’ for people to be dragged, lose their life and be dumped in a garbage bin!

Don’t normalize, criticize!

الثورة مستمرة!

Designed by Mariam Quessny

4 thoughts on “Are we part of the revolution or the counter revolution?

  1. A big hug and lots of warm taughts to you and your country. I’m so proud that I have a possibility to get to know you.

  2. I didn’t put too much thought in the name ‘Azmy,’ but half way through I realized that this attitude sounded too familiar. Surely enough I found that small green box that I missed which says ‘Ali Azmy.’ I knew this came from that circle of people, and it just made me more depressed. It made me depressed because it’s always the same people that think this way… and no one new. The reality is that the human mind needs to evolve in order to become naturally empathetic towards others and to be willing to sacrifice for a cause that will benefit everyone else… not just for their own sake. If we were created so perfect, that everyone wanted to share their resources with others, that we would be willing to get less in return to see others get more, that we would stand up and knowing that we may be shot dead just to say “Hey, stop beating that old man and woman with your baton,” then we really wouldn’t have an issue.

    Just in the peak of the 25th of Jan revolution, when it became so obvious who to side with and when it was even made easier for people to join (cutting off communications, closing down banks, companies stopped working) you still had people resisting…. A LOT of people resisted and didn’t want to join you. They wanted ALL this to end so that THEY can go back to their lives.

    I think 2010/2011 might be the beginning of the evolution of the human brain.

    • Totally agree “I think 2010/2011 might be the beginning of the evolution of the human brain.”

      its a clear evolutionary phase. whether its in perspectives, empathy, ideas… 7agat keteera. but we are definitely in an evolutionary phase. but its happening with a faster pace than ordinary evolution. its revolutionary time. its accompanied with direct collective experiences people are living, its not just ideas. the combination of access to information and living the experience is the perfect catalyst for the process. and its making like minded people coming together, stronger and more creative. and more importantly living this whole evolutionary (or revolutionary) phase together, learning together and from each other…. its perfect. we are some fucking lucky bunch!

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