I am an engineering graduate who had a failed relationship with engineering during university. Somehow along the way I got involved with community work, enjoyed it and tried to stay involved.

As much as I enjoy ‘community development’, I disagree with a lot of how development institutions and aid agencies work. Needless to say some NGOs make a very effective impact. On my blog, I’ll be sharing materials, interesting initiatives and images, videos and articles I find interesting, beside sharing personal experiences, opinions.

I started my own project a while back, Nabta, which aims to facilitate the emergence of new solutions for our societal problems. Its website will serve as an online library and a resource centre for social work in Egypt. There should be a beta version coming up very soon.

Through my different experiences, I found my self exploring community organization on one side, and alternative education on the other. It started in CISV, an international peace education organization, where I was introduced to alternative ways of education a decade ago and started to explore this world. One of the roles I played was facilitating sessions and workshops about experiential education, leadership styles, learning styles, and helping out groups that are starting educational projects and community development projects. You could check more about my training experiences here.

One of the main projects that I worked on was the Farafra Development Project. It was a learning space for me and an opportunity for hands on experience where the project and my knowledge evolved throughout the 5 years it took place.

After graduation I worked with New Horizon Association for Social Development as a project developer and fundraiser, where I also designed and facilitated a two week educational camp about childrens rights for children at risk.

The revolution started not too far after I left my job there, and I found my self passionate about the changes happening in our society, and involved in the movement and thus learning a lot from what was happening.

I started to work with Alwan wa Awtar to merge my passions of education and community work. I was involved in the Non-Formal Education Centre, designing and implementing different educational programs that aimed to create the space for participants to explore themselves, their peers and their surrounding environment.

At the same time I started going on a journey to re-explore everything I do, got tired of calling it community development and now call it community organization. I started exploring self-organization, self-learning. This reflected on my personal life, as I believe its all about perspectives, how we see the world and its people translates on what you do with your day.

I believe that we live in an organic world, yet we live in it as if its a mechanical one. We still have a lot to learn from our earth. I feel the need explore how to balance the organic harmony with our rational mechanistic minds and to find that middle ground. Without rejecting our humanity nor our quantum relative dynamic universe.

My feeling that humanity isn’t where it could be and that our world is not working sustainably pushed me to explore different ways of living, whether its in the field energy generation, farming or as I mentioned before education and community self-organization. I believe that another world is possible and that we are working on sowing the seeds of our peers in the last generations that imagined a more just and sustainable world, and leaving our seeds for future generations to carry out the never ending journey.

I enjoy asking questions and travelling and have enjoyed travelling to more than 20 countries, currently I am travelling within my self, my world and Egypt . Hopefully one day I’ll have the time to take some time off and travel more. Currently am taking time off anything that requires cash.

You could always check my Linkedin profile or contact me on my email: ali[at]azmy[dot]me